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Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: July 5 2013

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Subscribe via iTunesThis week’s search video recap is sponsored by EliteFlyers.com and you can win a free t-shirt by watching this video. We covered our monthly Google Webmaster recap, there is a lot going on. Google Webmaster Tools cleaned up their navigation and added more navigational elements. Google’s Matt Cutts told us the disavow tool can help with Penguin issues. He also said, it might be hard to A/B test the disavow tool. Google Reader died this week, but also killed iGoogle Feeds and Google Alerts RSS delivery. Google Keyword Tool is going away, which means you need to sign into AdWords to get keyword data. Google also added competitive metrics to the impression share report. AdSense added asynchronous support, enabled blocking enhanced text ads and expandable ads and is testing favicons images in the ads. AltaVista is going offline July 8th, a sad time. Google had a logo for Franz Kafka and we had Independence Day logos from Google, Bing, Ask.com, Dogpile and others. Finally, Ted Ulle passed away and I wanted to pay my respects for a man who has given much of his life to helping webmasters. We will miss you Tedster! That was this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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